Friday, November 28, 2014

Beauty Hauls under RM60

Hey it's been a long time again!
I've finally decided to write about something other than food and places to go !
Recently I have a thing about online shopping so as I was going through the web to look for new cosmetic brands , I stumbled upon ! When I first saw it on google's web search, I had second doubts about it cause I was worried that it was a scam but then I figured out that a scam company would not pay google to advertise their webpage so I clicked on the website and I'm glad I clicked on it!
I found out they were selling brands like 3CE , Sleek and a whole load of other stuff! When I saw the Sleek eye palette with 12 colors for RM53 I was shock! I immediately fell in love with all the colors so I went and did a little research and people just said "oh this eye shadow palette is good, a defo must buy" but none of them mentioned about the fall outs, if it's powdery or pigmented. I'm quite "Kiam Siap"(meaning stingy) when it comes to buying stuff especially when it's buying stuff online but that day I felt like I have to buy it because it is cheap and even if it's not as good as I expected it would be I can still use it for performances of what not. The best thing is they had this 20% promo code thing going on , free shipping so the bill came up to RM42 with a free gift! I have to give a thumbs up ! My package took 2 days to arrive and it was wrapped and handled with care also they left me 3 emails saying that the package has left Singapore (this just shows that they have really good customer service).

Ok I'm done with all the raving about ! Now let's get on with my make up hauls! I purchased the i-Divine Oh So Special Palette and man am I amazed with the quality of this product! For RM42 this is probably the winner!
The Oh So Special Palette :) Simple packaging with an applicator but if you have your own brush it would be better because I personally do not like this type of applicators it's difficult to clean it and you'll get stains on other lighter colors too!

I have an Urban Decay Vice palette which I like a lot too but for the price I'm paying I have to go for Sleek makeup palette! So if you're on a tight budget but still want to get new eye shadows I suggest you go for Sleekmake up :)

Here are the reasons and proofs why you should buy it
1. It has no fall outs at all , I kid you not! Not even the shiny colors if it was my Vice palette I would have had glitter all over my palette after I use it!
2. It give a very silky and velvety touch unlike some cheap eye shadow palettes that give you powdery finish and you can see the grains on your eye lids
3. It is very pigmented! (especially the glitter colors , black , dark brown , maroon , and dark pink)
From the top to the bottom: Celebrate , Glitz , Gift Basket

From the top to the bottom: Pamper , Ribbon , Boxed , Wrapped Up , Noir

However , the lighter colors such as The Mail , Pamper and Bow are less obvious and pigmented compared to the darker colors. Amazing ain't it? Next I would like to share with you my favorite beauty products!

Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes palette ! I've been using this since I was 16 years old the same palette is still here today after 4 years! If you're into bling bling this is the perfect starter palette although it's rather pricey compared to Sleek's 12 shadows palette this is about RM59.90 . But it lasted me for 4 years and it's still going strong ! It is pigmented , long lasting , doesn't smudge ,smooth finish but it has a bit of fall outs.
Sorry the reason why I hate these sponge applicators it looks so dirty but I promise it's not dirty! this is the shimmery nude eye shadow palette
Simple and nice packaging sorry it has been 4 years so you can see that the gold printings on the container is fading away:)But it's my first "expensive" eye shadow palette which I never regretted buying!
 Third, I would have to say even though Dior's mascara is one of my favorite , Maybelline's The Rocket Volum mascara is still number 1 on my Mascara list! :) This baby only cost RM29.90 if I'm not mistaken and when I went to Boots in Bangkok it only cost me RM19.90 ! The reason why I love this is because it really coats and lengthen my lashes also you can wash it off gently with warm water! Hence why I use this on a daily basis to make me look more refresh and awake!
Drugstore mascara for the win! yay! Because beauty should be affordable for everyone 
Finally , how can we miss out the mighty Eye Brow Products?! I personally do not like waxy eye brow products , I prefer pencil and powder because it's easier to control and also gives a softer finish depending on the darkness and the applicator you're using.

My favorite eye brow product is Dolly Wink's eye brow pencil by Tsubasa Masuwaka in color 2 Chocolate Brown !This product is value for money! You can get it from Sasa the price range is about RM20++? I was really  lucky that day because when I wanted to restock my eye brow pencil they had an offer buy 1 free 1 ! So I paid about RM20++ for 2 eye brow pencil WOOTS WOOTS! *yayers*

Reasons why you should get this?
1. They have about 4 colors or 3 if I'm not mistaken and it's not too dark which is good because it will look like your natural brows (Just a tip : Girls please pick one shade lighter than your original hair color/hair color because you do not want to look like Crayon Shin-Chan)
2. Color glides on easily (Just a tip: If you are out shopping for eye brow pencils , just to let you know these eye brow pencils do not glide on easily on your hands because the skin on your hand and on your brows are different and usually the testers are all filled with oil so the color won't come out unless you try it on your brows which I personally find very unhygienic !)
3. It lasts very long( *that's what she said* I used mine for about 2 years? until it became really really tiny and I had no choice but to buy a new one because I can't control the pencil anymore)

Simple and cute packaging

Brush and the pencil ! No it does not come with the sharpener !

It's really pigmented and easy to apply :) Usually one of these babies can last about 1-2 years depending on how you use it! Just a slight stroke on the brows will do please do not I repeat do not try to draw it on your brows with force because it is very pigmented and easy to glide on!

For eye brow powders , it doesn't really matter because you can just use a matte brown eye shadow and using an angle brush you can easily use it for your brows:)

On a daily basis(when I have time) I would apply Maybelline rocket mascara and for eye brows I would use Dolly Wink eye brow pencil! (Ok maybe I cheated a bit in this picture I made use of my trusty Majolica Majorca eye shadow in the medium brown on my lids and also Kiss Me eye liner near my lashes)
Viola this is the finishing look using 3 of the products I've listed above!
The best part about going out is you get to dress up and look pretty for yourself! :)

Women apply make up not to please men, make up doesn't change the way you look, it enhances our beauty and it makes us happy:)

On my next post I would like to share with you another superb website !

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