Saturday, December 18, 2010

BC Outing! 17/12/2010

went out with British Council friends Brandon , Bryan , Jesse , Soo Jean , Dac Gene , Jesse and Bryan's gf!
it was such an awesome day !!
=) we went to red box plus for karaoke! i never feel so relax singing with my friends.
usually everyone go like all tense and be like switch the audio on! and be all scared to sing but no!!!!
We sang all out!!! even if the tunes are out even if we don't know how to sing that song we just sing and i love it =)
then we went to TGIF to eat we ate and talk and Dac Gene , Bryan and Jesse got me a men's Health Magazine!!! it was awesome looking at the hot hunk in the cover ;)
haha it was the most awesome gift from my friends!!!!!
then Brandon got me a necklace i really love it thank you !!!! =)
then i went home and as usually jean ditch us for some of her PARTY!!!
so me and my lil cousin sis decided to take picha at the GYM!!!!
Enjoy ;)

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