Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nicholas's Birthdayyy babyy ;)

wake up in the morning shit i got this pile of homework to do and class starts at 2 so screwed! but i actually do like 70% of it and the rest i just gave up! and i went for class
ok i will cut things short!i was on my way to nic's place its like at mont kiara! so my bro drove super fast! he didn't even break during turnings me and my mom just went like :"DON'T DRIVE SO FAST!!! WE DON'T DRIVE A SPORTS CAR!"
and he as usual MISS THE TURNING and we end up going through the Bukit Kiara Tol then to Penchala Link Tol then take this freaking stupid U-Turn and go back to the same place and he miss the turning AGAIN!!!! me and my mom went like NOOO!!!!! SHIT NO AGAIN!!!!!!!! the story goes on and on!
then finally we reach nic's place man that place looks like a resort the pool is super nice!!! and i just look down i see all these guys half naked swimming in the pool and i just saw 1girl passing by and i just ask nic
Me :" Nicholas.Is this Everyone??? where are all the girls!!! i thought the event you set on FB got a lot of girls attending?!!!"
Nic:"ERrrr yeah some of them can't come.."
i went like SHit man! he ask me if i am going to swim i just said gosh with this much of guys and only me and another girl i don't think so...
but then me and my new friend Tammy she is a form3 girl i met and the only girl there wants to change so i went and change then we loiter around the place it was boring at first until Tammy got carried up and thrown into the pool that is when the fun began! XD
the other guys were like telling me :" Hey Crystal cause Tammy is more popular so she is going down first you are next! ;)"
i went like SHIT!!! i got my phone here you can't just push me in! then they like grab my phone and i can't even remember which one of them just lift me up and everyone join in and just throw me into the pool i went lik CURSE U PPL!!! its super COLD!!!!!! damn!!! but we had fun lar then i met all these cute guys!!! from St John MBS sri KDU some from asrama penuh school they are all very friendly!!! =)
we ate cake i guess!!!! XD the cake was like half gone and it looked so disgusting but i have no choice cause i am hungry!!! =) ahaha
then there is this guy that has a hairstyle that looked like Justin Bieber and some of them are like super mix!!! like Tammy is a korean chinese japanese dutch portugis MIX! then Bryan is this Persian mix Chinese guy and Amin is this thai mix indonesian WOahhh man its freagine awesome!!!!
after that we all hang out at MCD awesome day talk a lot with them and get to know them a lot =)
at the end of the day i still wanna say

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