Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Perhentian Island

Hello people ! I'm back again and I have so much to talk about my previous trip a 4D3N trip to Long Beach , Pulau Perhentian Kecil :)
I did not take the plane there! Me and my cheerleading friends went there by car it was a crazy 7 hours plus drive! It was fast and furious indeed!
We took a speedboat to Long Beach , Pulau Perhentian Kecil and I have to tell you it was amazing! :) The sea water there was blue it wasn't like an algae color! It was so clear , the sky was clear , air smells like sea water and it's just a breathtaking view! You're being surrounded by beautiful sea water , some trees and great company .
At the Jetty!With my friends (Ignore my no makeup face please it's too ugly!)

Speedboat ride!!! Cherish photobombed us !
On the speedboat to Long Beach!!! It's beautiful ain't it?! I've never been on a speedboat before this is my first time and it felt amazing! Like you're on a super bike going at 150 it's fast!
Baby sea turtles that the restaurant workers rescued or stole (not so sure about it)

Now now ain't it cute!!!

Selfie before jumping into the water!
It's about 4pm if I'm not mistaken! :) At Long beach you can't see the sunset you can only see the sunset at Coral Beach!

It's as though the ocean and sky meet here!

Mini boats to transfer people form the speed boat to shore :)

Proper picture from the speedboat of Long Beach before being transporter to shore by a mini boat :) 
When we arrived at Long beach it was almost evening time so we checked into our hostel it was rather deep into the forest and a bit far from the beach at first ! There pathway wasn't properly done and there weren't any lights along the pathway so remember to bring a torch light when you're going out at night :) I suggest that you do not carry a big luggage bag too because there's no bell boy service ! Self service for all! We had dinner by the beach at this Family cafe place they serve pretty decent sandwiches (do keep in mind that this is a tourist area so prices of everything are marked up by quite a lot )
Chicken Mushroom Sandwiches (RM13 if I'm not mistaken)

Nasi Pattaya (RM12-15) I forgot the price but it's around there :) It's not too bad ! 

There's one particular cafe that I would highly recommend ! They have high speed internet (compared to any other place that I've been to on that Island) it's called EWAN'S CAFE! They serve really good food! I am so in love with their Butter Fish with rice and their CARROT MILK! If you go to EWAN's CAFE please try these two items out I give it a 9/10
Not the best picture but this butter fish is really good! It's about RM15 if I'm not mistaken! ONOMNOMNOM

What to do when you're at such a beautiful Island?! Of course you go Snorkeling silly!
We went snorkeling at Rawa Island and even had a simple BBQ by the beach while watching the sunset! Rawa Island is beautiful :) You can see corals and fishes from above , it looks so shallow but it's not so if you don't know how to swim please wear a life jacket!

#Snorkeling long trip (that means to 4-5 places is about RM45-50)
#Snorkeling short trip (meaning 3-4 places is about RM35-40)
#Snorkeling to RAWA together with Sunset (RM60) + BBQ (Depending on what you asked for example how many chicken and rice box)
I'm sorry if the prices are not accurate but these are a rough estimation so you'll know how much to bring  !
I have no idea what Island this is but it's near RAWA island!:)

Beautiful sunset!

There's no one else here except for us it's as though this is a private island for us !*Jokes*          

Sorry I'm not a very good photographer but ain't the water here clear and beautiful!

Speed boat ride again to Rawa Island! Grace was driving without a license D: (Jokes the driver got a bit bored so he let Grace take over the wheels! )

Peace sign that I made ! I'm all geared up but water keeps getting into my goggles D:

Coral reefs :)

More corals cause the fishes ran away when they saw us coming :< it was so difficult to get a good picture of all the fishes!

Part of the cheer team taking picture on a rock while the other cheer boys are preparing for ze BBQ!

That's me in the middle we were trying to do a pyramid and that's the best picture we've got before we all tumble down :D

PS: Do not step on the corals even though they look like a flat surface stone cause they might attack u!
If you really want to watch the sunset you can walk to Coral Beach from Long Beach :) That's Coral beach ! I prefer Long Beach because the Sand is as smooth as silk like literally! However in Coral Beach there's really a lot of corals washed up and it hurts when you walk on it :<

Sunbathing on the beach with my bitches ;D

Long beach tourist picture!

More pics!

Groupfie !!! ain't the water clear?! so beautiful !

#1. If you're on a budget please bring snacks from home , water and some bread (because it is quite expensive Chipsmore there cost RM6 , Seamaster water cost RM4 and the list goes on so bring some food if you want to spend more on other stuff)
#2. Don't forget sunscreen it's really really hot ! Most of my friends got sunburn ! Get Sunplay 130SPF !
#3. Don't bring a big luggage if you don't need to cause you'll be carrying it all the way to your hostel/chalet !
#4. Torch light
#5. Extra towel to sunbath on the beach
#6. Mosquito repellent
#7. Bring extra money just in case of emergency
#8. You're gonna get sand on your bed sheets and everywhere
#9. Long beach has fire shows , shisha and mini pubs where you can buy booze
#10. Don't not leave your items unattended , my friends lost their wallets there
#11. Have dinner before 10:30pm because all the cafe and restaurant closes after that!
#12. Sunscreen cost RM45-50 there so you know the drill don't be smart and say you'll buy it there
#14. Bring goggles cause the sea water is really really salty I can barely open my eyes without it burning D;
#15. Always check and make sure the person in charge of your snorkeling plans knows where you want to go cause we were supposed to go for a long trip but ended up going for RAWA trip and BBQ but it's not too bad.
#16. Before you jump off the light house , jump in a projectile motion and vertically if you fall horizontally man it's gonna hurt !
#18. Bring a blanket cause the hostel there don't provide blankets or towels or extra floor mats
#19. Bring your good friends and just have a ball over there!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!
Signing out
-Crystalbebe- xoxo


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