Saturday, March 27, 2010

26March2010 =) happiest night ever

26march2010its my cousin's SWEET 16...
and its the day i wait so long to see him =)
cause i never see him for a long time and i really miss him so much i couldn't tell u how crazy i was...
3 days ago i was sitting in class when i suddenly smell his shirt smell it was the smell that is always on his shirt so sweet so warm and i actually miss him so much and i felt like hugging him...
One craziest thing i did was going to Sungei Wang to get myself a air brush tattoo on my n karman both of us was crazy bout the tattoo we keep finding for the shop and karman almost went into the real tattoo shop thank god i pull her if not she would have went in do the tattoo and it wont come off lols! air-brush tattoo well its FAKE kay not REAL it'll come off within 10 days i tattoo a heart shape with devil wings it was really cool and i love it =D
the first thing after i did the tattoo was pulling out my phone and calling him=) i was excited to let him know but then i decided not to let him know about it i just talk to him for awhile and when i get back home after piano class he called me and we talk for awhile i went online and we webcam i show him my tattoo and it was really nice.
finally the momment i've been waiting for so long! IS TO SEE HIM =) ...
well on 25 march is our 100days together but cause he got no transport so he didnt go see me but who cares i just want to see him and hug him so hard !
urggghhh haha when we all reach my cousin's house it was boring seriously i was sitting in the middle of my best friend and my boy friend and both of them are like looking at each other and giving some looks i got pissed of at that point i stand up n walk towards my cousin and i just sat beside her and after that everything was ok adi and i sit beside my boyfriend and i look at him i asked him whats wrong are u bored he said yes i am bored...i didn;t know what to do so the silliest thing i did was TAKING A LOLIPOP AND GIVING IT TO HIM and he looked at me and smiled a lil and he kiss my cheek i was so happy i was smiling all night and it felt like the first time he kissed my face i can feel the temperature rising and yeah it all felt correct.
then karman insist that i should go to her house so i went with her walk her to her house and she went in n left me outside HELL-LOOO its about 8 o clock at night and there is no one outside i was the only one and she went in!!!
i just went like shit!!! i feel the chill and i got a lil scared...her mom open the door for me and she forgot to tie the dog and the dog almost run out and bite my ass i swear man that dog is one fierce dog that can make u freak out and pee in ur pants! i screamed when that dog bark and me and run out really loud and sharp scream but thank god her mom quickly shut the door and tie the dog...i went into her house and i saw her coming down holding a bag like a present bag...
and she went like saying" this is yours reek bought this for you " i hold it and we walk back to my cousin's house and she say quickly try it out ...
when i open the plastic box i saw 2 T-shirts its a couple T =) i almost cried when i see that it was gorgeous and i didn't really tot he was gonna get it for i was so happy i put it on and when i walk out i saw reek...and he was looking at me and i was smiling i wanted to hug him so tightly and say " stupid why did u buy this for me u don't have to get a couple T its ok...just having u by my side is more than enough "
but i didn't get to ... karman quickly ask him to put on the other T and when he walked out and stand beside me it was really nice and yeah i love the feeling =)
he hug me when we are going down the stairs and he kissed my lips

when we got downstairs they were all playing with sprays water and it was nasty we just sit on the sofa looking at them have fun. he hugged me from behind and my heart was pounding so hard i didn't know how to say it i just love the way u hug me from behind without me noticing and kissing my cheek =)

i really love you so much reek and i don't care what others say bout us saying that we are too young and we're not gonna make it
i don't care! i just know that i should follow my heart and be with someone i love so much and not letting go or let what other ppl think break us apart i dont want to regret next time ... I LOVE YOU REEK and I MISS YOU

we both been thru more shits than other couples that started lovingly we almost gave up but that big fight we had made us realize that nothing else matters anymore if we both got each others back and love each other and nothing is going to tear us apart... ...

this is the picture on our couple T except it is smaller and its a white colar shirt =)

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