Thursday, March 18, 2010

17march2010 surprise

i wake up today no msg in my inbox i was a lil down
then i called up karman n ask her if she is going to makan be4 going to kas she say she woke up late so she say she is gonna wait for me at popular..
well the day be4 it i know she n reek is up to something
but when i asked her if she is going out she told me she woke up late so i just went like o...ok that means nothings up adi
she told me to wait for her 1:30 sharp but as usual i am always late so i went late and reek call me he ask me if i am going out i say no n i ask him " i tot ur going out with karman?" he said " No lar she slept late so i didn't go out with her " i just went like okayyy...
i ask him if he can go central market cause i wanted to see him but he say can't
i was really sad i went like replying his msg forget about it nvm .... its okay =)
but actually its not okay
then i reach popular bout 2pm n i didn't see karman i went like looking round n i turn to my left OMFG!!! is that REEKDASON!!! omg wtf!!!
i was stunned i tot he said he is not going out n i just went like standing thr looking at him and i didnt know what to do!!! they just went like surprise =) i was so happy it was the first time he ever come n find me i didn't know what to do i hug him!
we walked to central market to makan n i saw his dad omg damn hot! n his dad's worker lagi hot!!! OMG =D but too bad too old and married ahahah!!!!!
we were talking n laughing then its time for us to go back to class reek walk me n karman back i hug him and i kiss his cheek before letting him go back to central market..
he said he miss me n i miss him to it was really nice although its just that 30miserable minutes but hell yeah it was awesome!!! :) i never tot that i was gonna see him on that day plus he never see me wear tuition clothes be4 cuz usually its just hang out clothes and he say i looked a lil diff haha ;D WEEEEE miss ya so damn much bitch!!!! urrggghhhh how i wish i could spend my everyday beside you punching ur arm and hugging you tight <3 <3

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