Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cheer day ;D

today i wake up early for Bm tuition
after tuition went for cheer practice
well its really fun i mean you can never stop laughing at what the guys are doing and the way they speak its just so funny =D
we are practicing for the sports day event well i don't mind going for training everyday and not getting any marks but my mom mind more than i do...
i mean its not like i need those marks to get a job or something haha!!!!
i just like dancing and laughing with all the girls and guys its just so fun to hang out with them
although some ppl look at us up and down and think hmmmmm SO WRONG!!! EWWWW SO GAY SO GIRLY but jeezzz thats not what i think whats wrong with being a cheerleader its fun and happyyyyyy you can say that its gay haha ;D after all HAPPY A.K.A GAY!!!
ahaahhahahah WEEEEEE
jeeeezzz long time i never see myself laugh like today
i webcam him and i see his face i keep smiling i didn't know y i keep laughing too and he do some things to make me laugh and almost everything he do puts a smile on my face i can't remember whn was the last time i laugh like that haha!
maybe its cause too much pressure is on folio , essay questions , chemistry , bio , pyhsics , notes , latihan , exam , piano exam ...
i wanna spend time with him more but jeezz i couldn't but oh well!!! so looking forward to wednesday "SPORTS DAY" WEEEE and after that keep my fingers cross i get to hang out with him for awhile ;) dying to be beside him nowwwwww <3

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