Thursday, February 11, 2010


went to school well got so screwed!
the LEO Valentines day project the chocolates packaging well i didn't really show up for that part so everyone didn't like me on that day i am not sure if they are ok with me now but i think they still thinks i am a fucking jerk...
i can't help it i really never mean to screw up shit but hey what the hell at least i said sorry and i delivered the chocolates and ask them to change my name from the packaging leader to one of the most useless jobs...
then i went and eat with HL i was actually not feeling well sore throat but we went to Madam Lim's to eat lols eat spicy fried rice so screwed!!!haha
then went to kas alone went back home wait i can't remember...i think alone also and on the way walking back home saw Farishah's bf wave at him and go home
then practice piano my day was just so fucked up... and i went for piano class after that it was about 10something i walk to old town near AP to meet up with my bro...
he is chilling out with his friends thr i just went thr sat down and we all talk lols amazing i can actually get what they are saying and join in the topic it was really fun and talk to my beloved darling for almost an hour! and ordered a ice blended dunno what mocha or something that tasted like coffee but who cares as long as its something to drink and its really nice!!!
i can seriously spend hours talking to my bro friends and talking to my bf at first it was like so boring but then when we got something to talk about we just can't stop talking AS USUAL ;D ahaha
then bout 11 something my mom call me n went like saying "where are u n kor kor! come back now no need to sleep ar?" i just went like "okayyy mommmyyyyy"
my bro's friends are seriously Awesomeeeeee!!!!!!
reach home about almost 12 then pack my bags just when i am about to fall asleep suddenly the phone rang and it is him =D
he said he can't sleep cause the electricity went off the aircorn not working so i talk to him for awhile and we both went to sleep
well at first it started out as a fucked up wednesday but after that well i guess its all my fault n i deserved that but at least at the end of the day it turn out to be a pretty great day

i am starting to pay more attention in class
doing my revision
but damn the whole classroom is like a oven!!! so hot!!! i took off my shoes and the teacher scold me haha ;)
then teacher change our places i sit with Wahyu now haha really fun!!!!
i love her pencil box its like a huge bag!!!!haha full with everything a person need for art and craft!!!haha
i draw my book draw the table with black marker pen haha
we even have names for ourself
Wahyu-Miss Chocolatie Cookie
Me- Miss Peanut butter Chubby Monkey
karman-Miss SweetCake
Fatin-Miss Specta-Cular Sweetie

i didnt really have the mood to eat today i just felt like i don't know hard to eat lols ...feel headache fever sore throat lols
FEEL freaking sick!
i wrote lots of things in my book
most ppl think the things i write is sweet but don't think he will appreciate it >0<''!!!
OMG all the guys and girls in our class is so into Valentines gifts!!! Flowers Chocolates Cards Bear Ring Necklace Clothes Bag anything that can make their other half happy they will do it lols!!! haha <33

signing off for now -Miss Peanut Butter Chubby Monkey ahaha

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