Thursday, February 25, 2010

Uber Sweet 16 birthday basshhhh

I think its every 16 yeaar old dream to have a uber super cool party inviting all of your friends over to your place partying hard running around like kids eating cake and splashing coke on ur friends head dance around like monkies! that is super awesome <3
i know my birthday is like december 23 long way to go but hey no harm tryin to plan it from now rite haha lols
i wanna have a huge birthday bash with all my friends here singing the birthday song with me its gonna be so niceeeeeee sweet and fun!
things i want to accomplish before my birthday
1.cut down on my weight freaking hard til my brains burst
3.cheer like crazy
4.make lots and lots of new friends with my boyfriend and love him like hell
6.go to the beach
7.go sunway
8.get a LBD
9.earn cash
10.partyyyyyy likeee crazy with my babes

weeeeeeee super crazyy haha ;)

[Verse 2 - Ciara]
And every time I think about you (I cry)
When you ride when you call when you come I (around)
Your love is a-mazing to me
Can't wait til I see you (I wanna be wit you again)
And every time you're out on the road (I make a trip)
And whenever I'm doing a show (Don't you forget)
That I'm your (main chick)
Who got that (game chick)
One and the (same chick)
The one you can hang with

[Hook - Bow Wow & Ciara]
I ain't neva had nobody show me all the things that you done showed me
And the special way I feel when you hold me
We gone always be together baby that's what you told me
And I believe it (Cause I ain't neva had nobody do me like u)

[Verse 3 - Bow Wow]
Okay when you hit the mall pop tags spend a few g's (g's)
Hit the runway to a new season (season)
It ain't nothin it's you the one I care for
Feel like I ain't doing enough that's when I share more (share more)
I give you this give you that what you need love (love)
You know I got it holla at me if you need love (love)
And affection cause i'll be your protection
Kinda hard job but i'll do it to perfection
And you can tell that I ain't tryna let you go
I get with you when I can so that's how I let you kno
And you be trippin cause sometimes I gotta go
But you the first one I hollared to right after my shows
And I was trippin in a sense I was tense
From my body loose around you what imma do without you
I gotta get it together say whateva
But since I met you my life seems so betta

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