Saturday, February 6, 2010

6Feb2010 Cheer Comp METRO♥

today i woke up 7 in the morning i wanted to go jogging (ok i'll cut the damn crap i am having a cheer comp today n i only train for like what 4 days n i am freaking nervous from 2 days ago i have been panic-ing and freaking out) i wanted to jog so that later when i warm up it would be easier but i was too lazy so i went on the walker and start walking for 5mins and i do my the time i finish its about 740 almost 8 i went n bath n put on my uniform well it looks kinda strange n weird don't look like me!!!haha and the skirt was like short! i never dance with a skirt be4 ok maybe last time but now when i grow up i dont dance using a skirt! EWWWW who would do that! (ok maybe someone somewhr but totally not me!♥) then i quickly grab all my make up stuff like that then i rush down and eat i am suppose to be at school by 9 and 830 i am still eating i just went like SHIT i am so gonna be late but MIRACLE do happen ahaha i reach school 3mins be4 9 ahaha!!!!awesome then when teacher ask MANE IC??Check and see got bring or not if not cannot enter the comp i check my bag purse i just went like "FOGG!!! shit no IC" i quickly call my bro "BRING MY IC NOW" n i just went like going to jj put on the make up lols haha then about 20min my bro reach pass me the IC then after that we went to the place OMG so many Male smoking shirtless and sweaty n stuffy yucks!!!!EWWW seriously i never been to such yucky place be4
we try out the floor mat not good we tot it was gonna be small but it seems to be bigger i was seriously freaking nervous be4 the comp start but when it started and we perform i didn't feel scared anymore i just feel like OMG i am so happy it was seriously FUN!!!! ahahaha i love it!!!! omg i can't believe i said that but it is seriously a great experience and even though we practice like mad n tired n we hurt our self but it is worth it i had so much fun known so many new ppl know their personalities and its great hahaha I LOVE CHEER ♥ I LOVE PIRATES ♥I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND ahaha lols
sesat!!! ahaha i wish he was thr today i bet i would give 210% but i gave my 110% today its great haha love it!
i miss him so much urrggghhhh i never talk to him for like a few days cause i was bz with training tuition no time to online and his phone habis credit sad! but at least he is having fun going out with friends =) mwahs! love you so much darling ♥
What you get is exactly what you give
Never really know until you try
We're so ahead of this
Got this she wolf appetite that keeps me up all night
You know the way it works don't be afraid to ask
Aim high when the target is low
FYI I am ready to go
People say men are just like kids
Never saw a kid behave like this

What you give is exactly what you receive
So put me in a cage and lock me away and i'll play the games that you want me to play

You can have it all
Anything you want you can make it yours
Anything you want in the world
Anything you want in the world
Give it up to me

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