Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i think i am falling so sick

morning i almost reach late to school...
and i didn't feel well in the morning but the teacher made us run like 100meter and then it was really hot i mean the surrounding it was like an oven in class...JEEZZZ!!!! HATE IT
then teacher scold us again cause we talk too much and she threaten us she say if we talk again she is not gonna tell us jokes and make all our MATHS CLASS SERIOUS AND BORING!!! (shit then everyone just kept their mouth shut) she wasn't in a great mood she gave us tons of homework
then after recess time as usual i would like buy something to eat in class
then my discipline teacher saw me going into the class with the bread and she say "girl why you bring bread to class you cannot bring it into the class you want to eat it in class ar?" i just went like saying" no lar teacher i buy later after school eat one..."(obviously i am lying!)
then she went like taking my bread away from me and she say " later after school only u take from me at my office" i just went like "ok teacher"(OMG SHIT!!! MY BREAD U STUPID LAME ASS!!!Urrgghhh)
ok fine i got over it...
then after school i have to like walk to the lrt station cause YY never go tuition ...
thank god jerwei they all walking the same direction so i follow them...DAMN I AM BAD LUCK TODAY!!!
on the way to JJ it rained like crazy!!! i run under the rain then i go lrt so cold... freezing...i think i am gonna get sick =(
i miss him so much and my head hurts like hell my whole body is aching...
i wait for him to on9... i am so scare he is not gonna on9 i was freaking out my head is aching like hell i feel so sick i feel like i am gonna like fall on the ground and never wake up... just feel so tired!!!
but after talking to him everything just vanish like POOF!

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