Thursday, January 14, 2010

PANIC! ♥ oh NOS!

today i went to school ok fineee i woke up a lil late! and i my bread is still cold but i got no choice but to just stuff it into my mouth and rush down into the car and go to school! i was really that close to going school late again but thank god! i made it in the hall before the bell rings *cheers* :)
then today we talk about outing plans going out for movies and booking the couple seats haha!! and i even though of planning a girls day out! only for girls♥ go for spa or something like that on CNY!!! LOLS we still got 1 month to go and we are already planning everything haha
then time past slowly in school~ i miss him so much i can't wait to go out with him tomorrow ;)
then when school end i was finding for YY cause i am suppose to follow her car to kasturi i waited for like 20min and i just went like WTF i dont see her omg cannot adi i think i have to go to the LRT myself! i walk walking half way when WK called my name out and say ZhaoLun teman you walk thr lar! then 2min later she call my name out again and i see YY's car! OMG i just went like hopping into the car and she said " Sorry crystal! i forget about you adi!!! then i suddenly remember about you my mom turn back to pick you up!" i just went like OMG thank god you came back if not i will have to walk thr under the rain! JEEZ!
then i settle down in class ...after eating lols then i put my hand into my pocket searching for the ring and i couldn't find it!!! i PANIC and PANIC!!! i just went like WTF where is my ring !!! OMG OMG i just scream "JEAN LEND ME YOUR PHONE NOW!" they just went like whats wrong?!?! i say i need to call Karman i don't know whr is my ring !!! i pray to god please tell me that i didn't leave it in class or threw it away i almost cry everyone just went like saying "NO MORE ADI LAR!!!! IF U LEAVE IT IN CLASS SURELY THE AFTERNOON SESSION TAKE IT AWAY ONE"!!!
i can feel the rush of my tears going up to my eyes and ready to flow down and i was scared and panic-ing like crazy!!!!
then i keep my damn mouth shut and search of it again then i feel something round in my pocket and THERE!!!! my RING =) i found it!!!! suddenly i feel so happy and everyone went like showing me the what the Fogg face and i just went like "hehe...ehem...sorry my bad.. >0<"
then when i think back this incident really made me realize that if i lose you i think i am gonna be blind folded and running with no direction ♥
you are the light in my dark the air that i breath and you just made me feel like ME
and i just want you to know that i love you so much even though i don't say it out but i mean it and i am serious!!♥
and i am glad that i have you by my side ♥

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