Wednesday, January 20, 2010

today tired day

well i went to school in the morning as usual boring day~ school is like a living hell well not every part of it...
i enjoy some part of it but most of the time i can tell that i am not paying attention!
about 11 something in the morning the sky was so bright and suddenly i hear 'ping pong!' i went like 'OMFG please god don't rain! please don't rain today for god sake i need to walk to tuition please god please' and it really worked! no rain but still the sky was a lil gloomy today i think! but really windy enjoyed the walk to Jusco with yee min then i walk pass MCD so i went like thinking 'hmmmm....what if jean never wait for me at maluri station then i have to walk myself to kasturi then later no time to eat so nvm i pack food first' after i pack MCD i just walk to the lrt myself ALONE! that was insanely quite! DAMN!!! then i just kept walking faster and faster and then guess what i saw soo jean and yee yean and goon thong (my bad i don't know how to spell ur name !) i just went like FOGGG i am so FOG-ed up!!!!
jean show me that "WTF U COME SO LATE WITH THE MCD ON UR HAND U R SO Fog-ing DEAD CRYSTAL WONG!" i just went like JEEZZZZZ .... snap oh shit so dead! and jean was so pissed at me cause they waited for me quite long...
she didn't talk to me and she scolded me (sign showing that she is really angry and she is gonna bite my head off if i were a gummy bear) then goon thong say "see who can run faster to kasturi i race with you ! if u lose u belanjar me egg tard " so i just went like saying "ok no problem! u help me take my small bag i can 100% run faster than you!" when the train stop , he let me walk first and i just went like walking so fast until my leg hurts like hell!!!! and me and goon thong just went like running like lil kids! ( of course 1 reason i didn't want to lose is i don't want to belanjar him egg tard after all rm1 is still money! ) ahaha >0<''
i won the race ahahaha WEEEEE so happy then he went like saying " ok fine u win" i just show him that AHAHAHA BEAT THAT LOSER face ;)
then after that well i talk to jean and after a long time about less than 30min she talk to me again! ahaha ;) <3
then i have tuition til the time i reach home i was tired sleepy but 1 thing that keeps me awake is the msg u send to me...
i was praying to god please god please let it be Reek's msg !!! and well sometimes what ppl say is true when you pray for something really seriously and deeply u really get it!
it just makes me happy to see your msg
thinking about you makes me want to cry , knowing that i can't be by your side right now...
i just hope i can be by your side now hugging u tightly and not letting you go anywhere

♥talking on the phone with you makes me happy and not sleepy anymore♥

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