Sunday, January 3, 2010

2Jan 2010 ♥

well it's a new year again!!!but tuition still goes on !!! grrrr
i went for tuition in the morning til evening! damn its so bored~...i almost fell asleep in class @___@
but after tuition we went to AP for early dinner cause we are gonna watch Cirque Du Freak at night
WEEEEE!!! hearts!
i was wearing the ring he gave me and i forget to take it out and i was siting in front of my mom when she is eating. i put both of my hands on the table and keep sms-ing when she saw the ring i went like WTF OMG!!!!shit i forget to take it off!!!DAMNNN i was STUN my mom went like"where you get it?" i was thinking about what to say and suddenly jean went like saying"NEHHHHH today we went to China Town and we buy it thr mar!!" and i went like agreeing in everything she say
my mom just went like "you guys don't have to lie lar!!!i saw that 2days ago!!"
we just went like "BUSTED~" snapp
i try to change topic and talk about something else haha and it worked she forget about it adi!!! ahaha
and we went home to change and rushed to pavilion ..the cinema was filled with people!!!
they almost release our seat tickets but thank god we got to the counter on time :) the movie was really nice!!! I LOVE IT!!!! i want to watch it again and again its just so awesomeeeeee ;D
after the movie i went home and my mom just went like who are you deeply in love with? and i went like not answering it and changing topic~ then she say let me see the ring who gave it to you?? reek ar? i went like "NO!" she say whats with the reaction i just went like damnnn.......i was blushing! i feel my cheek going red i just went like i need to bath mom i go sin!
lols it just keep spinning in my head i was talking to myself i went like saying no one tell their mom they are in a relationship rite who would ever be so stupid to say that!! i mean what would she do would she scold me or something...
i just kept praying she would forget about it again haha
and she did!!! wohooo!!!
and i talk on the phone with him ♥just love to hear his voice! and talk to him
i guess thats all for now wow this is like an essay!!! haha ;)

-signing off-

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