Thursday, December 31, 2009

31december 2009 ♥ a day i will always remember =)

yesterday is a really great day i have ever had ;D
i went out with reek and my friends to pav. well it was consider a date or maybe not i don't know lols!!!
but if it is really a date its my first time and it is embarrassing , funny , sweet and what else can i say i love it!! we were eating and he pass me the drink and the drink spilled on my white pants!!! (FYI the drink is pink in colour!!) zzz its like i have PMS on my freagine white pants and everyone laugh!!! including me zzz i think i laugh the most lols even though i feel so embarrassing so what lols!!! as long as i don't mind no one could haha
after that we went for movies Did you heard about the Morgans?(don't know if the tittle is correct or not but i guess so lols)
it was funny ok maybe just for me because i was laughing all the time and its a really nice movie to watch love it!!!
after that we all went to Jusco to get some food there goes my rm50!! after that we took taxi back to HL house for party at first it wasn't really fun until we had the water fight and stuff.
well at least i have fun ...
i don't feel like telling details lols!!! nvm forget about that! ;D
after that we went to HL's other house to countdown it was gorgeous the view was nice his bro's house is cool i just love it i can really sleep at the floor for a day !!!haha its just so beautiful!
we watched fireworks form everywhr maybe not all the places but i can tell its a huge view we saw the fireworks at KLCC so clearly!!!
and then we went back to the house for sleepover!!! i can't believe we actually stayed up late til 4 something omg and i only had like 4hours of sleep!!! OMG so crazy!!!i feel sleepy and tired lols ...
But yesterday was a blast! i just love it so much ;) the best is watching fireworks with the one you love and 2009 is a great year i can tell!!! but 2010 will 100% be even better !!!
just like they say what can go wrong aye!!! everything just keeps getting better and better!!!
my new years resolution is: i hope 2010 is a better happier bigger nicer year ♥
i never loved someone so deep be4 and i hope those happy moments never end because being with you seems like nothing is wrong and everything is correct ~ i miss you already :)
Sometimes people just likes to judge you wrong tell you that its a dream but thats what makes everyone happy sometimes dreaming big isn't wrong after all its just for some happiness and hope ain't it? haha ♥

♥-signing off now-♥

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