Sunday, December 13, 2009

10December2009 Thursday <3

sorry for not updating my blog but i will update it today =) things that happen a few days ago i will write it down with the dates on my post

thursday morning i went to the bank with my cousin i didn't know why i follow her to the bank its so lame!!!!
then after that we both went over to my other cousin's house so we decided to camwhore thr because her room has a nice wallpaper full with magazine covers !!
love her room wall so much
we decided to put on make up eventually i thought it was just light make up but then it was really heavy make up til my eyes look bigger than my normal eyes but i just love it cause its so nice haha ..
but we wasted a lot of her makeup just for a few pictures
just for that day i feel like a model!!! haha having photoshoots but i know my dream will never come true all these are just for fun :) we all had fun helping each other put on make up doing a few poses acting stupid crazy physco!!!and i love it!!!
at least i feel pretty in the picture for once!!! haha omg so perasan ishh >0<''
and i walk back home with the make up on my face i cover my face and quickly run in incase my mom see it and say that i am an alien
it was a fun day for me :)
the pictures will be uploaded in FB as soon as i get them haha!!!!
i think that its a really good thing to do everyone gets closer together and know each other more know their interest and what they are best at and well i just found out more about my cousins and i love every bit of it!!!!its just such a great time to get together talk and have loads of fun!!!

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