Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 December 2009 Primary School Gathering (Saturday)

Saturday i went tuition in the morning then went to TS to meet my primary school friends well i can only say a thing that is everyone became more and more pretty gorgeous and good looking (for guys)
although i went to ts early and have to wait for them to come like 30min or more but it was worth it!!!
we went to Newway to sing k!!! i had lots of fun they picked out a lot of chinese songs and i just sing along and finally!!! they have pitbull's song!!!but sad they dont have AAr or boys like girls song and i am not happy with that!!!
we went like singing David Guetta ft Akon's-sexy chick but i think only me and 2 of my other friends sang that song others didn't really get the feel and go physco!!!but i did haha ;)
after 3hours of singing k i went for tuition again!!!!damn no life =(
but at tuition it was consider the last day of the term so teacher showed us some short clips like the British Comedy Fawlty Towers-Communication problems and i just kept laughing i couldn't stop laughing!!!!even after watching it on youtube for 5times i still laugh like a mad person!!!!
i suggest this part the most funny part
check out the clip if you have time :) it will make you laugh your butt off!!!! haha
and at night i enjoy talking to my friends :D til 2 o clock i on my msn!!!weeee i broke the record for 1time haha i slept so late but i didn't like it cause i have headache and i cant wake up the next morning almost got myself in trouble being late to badminton!!! haha... ...

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