Friday, December 18, 2009

18december2009 a night that i hope will stay forever

it was a raining day and we were going to the church for a christmas party!!! :) i know i know its weird!!!ppl don't party at church but it was really a great experience! i didn't know a church could be so office like!!!haha
it was really a day that i will always remember in the church when the prayer thingy was on he hold my hands i suddenly felt a rush my tears were about to fall...i look at our hands and i told myself i am not letting go anymore...i would wanna lock myself to him if i could
although i was stupid and i hate myself for screwing everything up!!! urrgghhh...but when i hug him i felt the warm and my heart beat so fast it was about the jump out n he kiss my cheeks ...for the first time a guy has ever kissed my cheek...i felt so happy i didn't want to wash my face i wanted to keep it there ...
when he was gonna leave i felt sad...i missed him so much i really don't know what its like without like i am relying on him like a parasite...i never fall that deeply in love with a person for a long time
i miss you already how am i suppose to get through many days
i feel sick without you i feel like crying...
Je vous manque déjà beaucoup, je t'aime, je ne peux pas vivre sans toi

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