Sunday, December 27, 2009

i miss you~ <3 (27dec2009)

today i woke up at 7:30a.m i had weird and scary dreams yesterday zzz maybe i watch too much horror movie haha ;D
i get ready myself and join the other Leo's at Pandan Indah station . we went to the orphanage at that area. when the kids saw us they were so excited and i was excited too!!!
there is this 1 kid that is so cute!!! and so friendly he just mixed in with us and everyone just love to take picture with him he is just simply cute =)
we arrange some games for them like musical chair. well that was a chaotic one the kids were pushing around fighting for a seat and well they steped on my shoes a few times haha you can tell how happy and excited they are!!! then we play the london bridge thingy!!! everyone had a lot of fun! we sang play games ate and shake hands with the kids!!
they remind me of my old times haha!!! feel so old now ;D
then later on after all this events i went back my own!!!i walk back from the lrt lols it was awesome =)
then i go badminton class as usual bored~
at night i went for my grandfather's birthday dinner .i certainly ate alot!
well today was a busy day for me!!!
but there is still one more thing in my list i have to do tonight =)
❤-signing off-❤

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