Sunday, December 27, 2009

28dec2009 ♥

today it is reek's birthday woohoo!! :D i bet he is gonna have fun over thr. but i just wish i could be by his side now ♥
i woke up 1030 in the morning well that is cause HL wake me up by calling me 2 times and talking about the trip things
sighs...i just feel like i am the worst gf ever!
i can't believe i have to google what should i get for my boyfriend for his birthday!!!
this is like so bad!!!i don't know what to get him... which gf would google what they should buy for their bf omg i am so lame!!!
i can't believe i google it zzz this is so damn lame!

later i have to go to school get some stupid result paper and shit like that!! then going to pavilion wohooo shop again!!! ;D i just loveee shopping haha

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