Saturday, December 26, 2009

25december 2009

its Christmas and everyone is sitting on the sofa watching Kimora:life in the FAB lane...
we just sit and wait...time just pass so slow!!!and we think that this year's Christmas suck like a bi*ch!
so me and my cousin(jean) decided to go out to pav maybe catch a movie or something!!
but then she change her mind...we went to the salon i wanted to get a mani but my mom don't let zzzz!!!so i waited an hour for my cousin's to get their hair cut!!!urgggh wasted my 1hour plus of life!!!
but then come the good news!!! :D we are gonna watch Avatar at pavilion and go shopping woohoo!!!!
cheers =) it was really jam ..but it is still worth it!!! i bought a pair of heels ;) red heels i love it so much!!!!
then i bought a pink jacket from animal cause there is a 50% discount lols!! ahaha
then we went to the cinema we showed up 30min late for the movie but thank god the movie just started when we sit down
at first the movie was really not that exciting not that good as i expected except for the graphic's ...i almost fell asleep in the cinema haha but then when the war starts wooo!!that was when the movie start to get a lil exciting and interesting :D ahaha
after the movie it was about 11 something and we went for supper at Jalan alor somewhere near Bukit Bintang..after eating our supper it is about 1 something then we have to fetch our kaima back to her house that took us another half and hour by the time i got home it is about 2something :D hahah
i never had so much fun going out with my family ahaha!!!!
WEEEEEE after bathing and msn it is about 3 .
it is the best christmas for now ahaha!!! i can't believe i slept at 3 and wake up at 2 in the afternoon wohooo nice!!! ahaha

-a really different Christmas-♥

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