Tuesday, December 29, 2009


well today is quite a boring day i got a few phone calls in the morning talking about the 31DEC partayy wohooo so excited!! yesshhhhh slumber party ;D its been so looonnnnggg since i ever been to one!!!
and HL told me bout the filming thingy tonight...zzzz i hope it better be good if not i'm so gonna kill him!!
i miss reekky so much...today he is coming back from Thai yayx!!! woohooo i send him a msg but i don't really know if he receive it sad...
i miss him so much!!! today i am so bored i just kept on watching tv sitting on the sofa changing channels as usual my fav thing to do and my grandparents worst ENEMY!!!
ahaha i feel so bad i keep changing their channel when they are watching lols!!!
i watch 712 they were talking bout Beyonce she is just so pretty :D i wish i was as pretty as her!!! urgghhh sad lols ahaha
i just can't wait to go out with reek and the others!!10days is a lot!!! finally he is coming home weeee
and i actually figure it out what to get for him but i don't know if it will be stupid or anything...
its just i don't know if it is gonna turn out correct JEEZ so many things to worry bout!!!
♥ i am not gonna tell you what i am getting haha♥ hope that you might like it or appreciate it


♥ -signing off-♥

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