Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun day <3 ;D

today i wake up bout 1030 watch movie then talk about the party tomorrow sort out the list of ppl going and bla bla bla!!!
i done some homework( i know this sound so weird!!!how can i have homework when its a holiday zzz i was forced to do my homework!) haha ;D
then when my cousins come we bake muffin!!! WEEE Chocolate muffin haha
taste really nice!!!! i hope it doesn't get burn lols!!!!
i am so excited about tomorrow outing plus party!!! WOHOOO after all it is NEW YEAR EVE TOMORROW yesshhh baybeh!!
later i am going to GALAXY i bet most ppl don't know whr is it!!!but it has a cinema so WEEE lols!!!
going to watch THe princess and the frog later haha i hope its really nice ;)
then later come back make another cake i think for tomorrow pot luck party ..still have to buy more things lols!!!
i can't wait for tomorrow i miss my baby so much!!!
this is really funny i told my lil cousin to help me watch the muffin in case it gets burn turn off the switch (i didn't watch it cause i am up here blogging) and after 10min she scream " Crystal!!!come down i smell something bad i think the muffin is burnt" i just went like WTF!!!i told u to watch it for me and u watch TV and let the muffin burn!! ZZZ i went to the oven n check on it thank god i came down on time to take it out if not it will be all SCREWED!!!

Yummy can't wait to eat it ♥

i can't wait to webcam him lols!!!! so obsessed !!! =)

♥-crystal signing off-♥

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