Friday, January 15, 2010

Joie's birthday outing ♥

well today at school was boring~ but i was excited about going out after school haha
i keep hoping that time pass faster so i can get out of class and go watch movie WOHOOO ;D
lols after school i waited about 10mins or more only i go to Jusco i walked thr with justin and a malay guy which i can't remember his name (SORRY!!!)ishh ishhh then as usual i am always the early one thr walking around with 2bags like i am going to camping or something haha
then me and victor waited about 20mins or more for them to reach jeez at that time i was so hungry and when i saw reek my hunger just disappear !! haha
we all walked to the LRT and as usual Joie trick us saying that the train is here and shit like that ...she made us run up and when we reach the top the train is not thr!!!
URGGGHHH i can't believe everyone of us fell for that joke zzz (which i didn't really find it funny lols except for Joie cause she is the one that trick us so she is damn happy we run like a dog!)
as usual i walk slow and everyone needs to like force me to run XD!
then i tot we were gonna watch The Spy Next Door and ended up we were gonna watch Paranormal Activity.
Then while joie is getting the tickets we were all hanging out at The Coffee Bean ( if i am not mistaken ) zzz then i was talking and talking and when i turn around OMFG!!! I SAW MARK i went like OMG and he smile and me n i smile back and wave lols as usual saying Hi loudly lols haha since i wouldn't dare to talk to him face to face ahaha ( i just went like so shy! trying to avoid looking at him zzz... ... well i got my reasons why i didn't talk to him even though he is my senior and i know him)
Joie really do have A LOT OF FRIENDS!!! thr is about 22 of us but sadly we can only get like 17 tickets if i am not mistaken and some went lepak and some went and watch Old Dogs!
when we enter the cinema we were all freezing!! and our seats are like the front second row !!! So hard to watch but then i enjoy it anyway haha!!! as long as i am watching it with the person i love any place would be good!!!
it was quiet scary at first and well the last part i didn't really watch it cause i was covering my eyes YIKES!!!
i enjoy hugging him too lols haha!! ♥
then it was time to go home haha Reek almost fall in the LRT lols too many ppl in thr!!! haha ;D and i walk home real fast after getting out the LRT lols
and i got his jacket haha!!!! after dinner i took a nap eventually i was already asleep and THEN IAN!!! that bastard send me a MSG and woke me up and i couldn't sleep adi.... and i have breathing problem maybe cause its too hot in the living room zzz
guess what i find!!! that nice smell on his jacket lols i keep smelling it ahaha addicted to him and his jacket ;)
wow tomorrow is another new day how i wish he was beside me! sad~ lonely going to tuition alone again zzz hate it ! i hate walking to tuition i don't find it fun at all =( ~ i miss u so much and i had a really great time today
and ♥♥our 1month anniversary ♥♥-i hope you know how much i love you XoXoXO


OMG!!! i think there is a missing part in the Paranormal Activity! cause i watch it on youtube a trailer but it is actually ppl in the cinema watching that movie OMG Seriously!!! its starting to freak me out after i watch the stupid clip! i saw something thr T___T ok...i dont think i can sleep tonight!!!foggg~ scared~

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