Saturday, January 9, 2010

9jan2010 and 10jan2010 ♥

well on saturday i went for tuition as usual but i skipped 1 class and left early to watch movie with victor and reek :D
well it wasn't a really great day it was quite boring i think i totally bore reek and victor alot even if they don't say it i know it wasn't a great day and it wasn't the way we planned so oh well...
but at least we enjoy the movie Old Dogs it was really funny!!!! i just love watching movie with reekyy haha!!! don't know why lols ;) but it was really nice being by his side
but well of course lar 2 guys 1girl they surely talk about things and left me out zzz...
1 thing i hate most is being left out and no one talking to me sobs!!!! joie should teman me then i won't feel so left out but then seriously that day i don't know why i get pissed so fast! lols i was like swearing everytime something goes wrong haha!!!
amazing i can see myself thru reek's eyes! gorgeous i love his eye lashes so long and curly!so charming ;D
haha!!! and i love the smell on his shirt and him its so nice lols and i love hugging him i don't know why just feels so warm <3 !

Sunday 10jan2010
wake up in the morning off my alarm and went back to sleep haha!!!! then my brother march into the room and wake me up today is really cold ! i don't know why must be something wrong with me i get cold so easily ... at kasturi i went for Sej and bio class i was suppose to go for cheer meeting today!but because i tot the sej is the other teacher and when i went into the class i just went like WTF!!!why is this teacher shit i should have gone for the meeting urrggghh damnnn!!!!
so i just went like going on with the class i can't just walk out the door rite sad~
i hope they won't scold me for not attending the meeting zzz
but bio class is really funny and just so not boring! love bio weeeeee
and my bro is going to Taiwan tomorrow lols i am like checking on the webside for clothes bag swimsuit jacket pants lip gloss perfume !! OMG i am just so addicted with this things! i can't get my eyes off everything lols
i just seem to want everything haha but i can't so i have to earn it! :)

and i figure it out lols i really love reek alot so why do i have to hide it! i know some ppl will be like a lil racist like "OMG crystal u dating Indian ar?" n i just went like no CORRECTION Indian thai thank you! and LOVE IS BLIND HONEY!!!
so what if he is indian thai wadever malay or other race i don't care! i just love him so much!
if u have to care so much about who you are with then isn't it hard! love is just so simple why make it so difficult! i love reek and i wouldn't let anything tear us apart :D

being with you means everything to me ♥

♥-signing out-♥

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