Monday, January 4, 2010

bad day
today is first day of school and i showed up early then usual!!!
everyone went like "WOOOO!!!!CRYSTAL SO EARLY ONE YOU TODAY " haha ;) thats because i am usually late!haha
and then class start and shit like that...first my class teacher that teach modern maths talk like an ant! i can't even hear what the hell is she talking about nvm then the BM teacher is a lil gay i think! he keep blocking our way and we don't know what the hell is he talking about or teaching but first day of school and thr is homework (SO NOT GOOD!!) and then my english teacher OMG!!!!
my first impression SO DOWN THE DRAIN!!!! when she is talking i was reading my own shit and the teacher went like "girl with the pink card on ur hand what you checking ? ur timetable ar! " i went like OMG WTF i went like throwing the thing over to the other table and i just stare at her with the (I AM SO INNOCENT FACE) and she said "girl u new here ar u know the school don't allow you to wear those kind of ear ring rite?" i went like oh...okay!!! zzz n i never take it off haha!!!! ( i wouldn't do that even if she force me too!)
and our bio teacher is fun she let us go out so me and karman lepak downstairs for awhile walk around and then RINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! school end...
BTW i was talking to my friends about him again and again i think almost for the whole day i just kept talking about him and karman just went like "yeah lar yeah lar!!!" i know i bore her off but i just can't stop thinking how lucky i am and how much i love him!!! i even wrote a letter in class haha!!!! i am MADLY in love not just in love haha
then my aunt told me my mom fell down and hurt her back i went like omg not again!!!!! i went back home she doesn't look that good i just went like oh lord please don't make the injury so serious zzz.... and she went to the hospital i went for tuition i had mocha be4 i go for class i almost fall asleep but at least the British council class is interesting i meet new ppl i think they are really fun and sociable!!! :) cool being in this class full with pretty girls and handsome boys!!!
then i went to the hospital to check with my mom she is feeling better now and i talk to my beloved reekkkyyy!!!! AWWWWW i miss him so much!!!! urrggghhhhh .... .... i wish school never start yet !!! i'm just so lucky to have him !
and i love him so much i wish i could spend my time with him everyday every moment!!!

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