Monday, January 11, 2010

hectic day!

in the morning i wake up and my bro is getting ready to go to the airport and i went like asking him to get my lotion and stuff like that then he is off and i went to school
it was boring as usual!!! teachers making their LONG SPEECH!!!! i yawn from the beginning of the song til the end of the song zzz everyone just keep looking at me when i yawn i bet they will be like WTF is wrong with that girl can't stop yawning ke!!!
then we went to class the first few classes teacher never enter or is it relief i got no idea!!! but i just kept taking about reek!!! haha
i get so excited and my face blush when i talk about him haha!!! gone hypeeeerrrr ;D
then i talk to karman about sunway trips and stuff and we went like saying after SPM we seriously got to have like a bag pack travel to Thailand or Taiwan!!! we talk about it for hours
then after recess its physic class well at first the teacher was so pissed cause most of us never complete the homework( well i totally don't know thr is homework ahaha) but then i manage to finish it up !
and then it was collecting book time!! JEEZ i really got to say its really a hell load of weight!!!
so heavy the books and i have to carry 2 bags and a stack of books down 2 floors walk out the gate and get into the car my arms almost fall off!!!!
and then i went home to eat prepare my stuff and went to cousin house watch japanese drama then have to go british council <3
we went to coffee bean to get our self a cup of mocha!!!it was really nice cause the place is freezing adding it was raining so that cup of hot mocha really helped a lot!
then i webcam reek he is just so cute lols i can't stop thinking about him!!he is driving me dizzaayyy!!!
-signing out for now-

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