Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheer Training

its Friday today. Most of the people in our class didn't show up class was unusually Silence well that is cause andy never come to school...
but Jeez!!!now only i notice everyone in the class breaks the rules haha almost everyone brought their phone and stuff like that
OMG wahyu brought her ITouch its just gorgeous i think her one is nicer !!!
omg so cool!!! we watch the Girls generation-GeeGee MV for like more than 4 times its just so nice!!!OMG
i am so loving it!!!and the teachers that came into class didn't really teach they just spend more time talking n the worst is that our english teacher show up like really late until the last 15min of class she show up and sit down and say ok u guys do ur things we just went like YESSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!
then after school well i was a lil crazy i start saying happy Chinese New year , happy Valentines and happy holiday to like everyone haha
a lil nuts ;)then went to Ampang Point to get my hair cut i eventually tot that thr will be no ppl thr but it seems like i am wrong thr is like so many ppl thr!!!
i waited for about 30min thr just to wait for my turn ... when the guy looked at my hair he just went like "Wah ur hair so long and so dry u have to cut it shorter" i just went like shit!!!i am trying to leave my hair really really long lols but i just went like saying"ok but not too short just cut a lil bit and the fringe cut it a lil shorter too long adi " then after like 30min done my bro pay the bil and he just went like "did that guy straighten ur hair for you it looks really straight " i just went like no lar just blow dry my hair thats why it looks so straight
then after that we ate MCD OMG so not nice!!!!!yucks thinking about it makes me wanna puke!!!! haha
then i quicly rush to KP cheer practice when i got thr they just went like 4 rounds running i just went like OMg nooooooo!!!but i ran haha i ran 3 rounds only then we do stretching at first coach haven't reach yet so the training was like still easy but when the coach come she really push us to the limit!!!TIL we can't stand it...
i cried but then i just tahan after all i am a tough girl and we don't give up that easy!!!!! =) we just train so hard i can tell u that i am gonna celebrate my CNY and Valentines day with scars on my legs(obviously) and my arms haha!!!!
after that i just smile and laugh at myself just like a freak sitting down suddenly u hear me laughing and smiling lols!!!!although its really hard but hey we made it!!!without complaining (well a lil lar) but still i think i done my best(although its not really 110%) but still its a 80% =)
after all the training i am so tired i went home bath and i ate then i didn't feel like getting up again so tired!!!! but i swear this training can really make me slim down and i am so gonna do it everyday!!!!! ;D Gila betul haha!!!
then i talk to reeekkkkyyyyy and webcam him well its really nice to know that after all the shit u done thru and u feel like ur gonna go mad or break down , u know that someone is beside you and he will always give u a kick and say HEY YOU WAKE UP!!!! LIFE IS NEVER EASY AND COPE UP WITH THAT!!♥
love you so much reekyyy although sometimes u make me feel like hating you but i still can't oh well!!!!! ;) ♥

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