Monday, February 8, 2010

7feb2010 last day of comp

it was the last day of comp and we saw the newspaper we are the second and only 1 mark difference we can be number 1...i was a lil nervous on that day no doubt adding i couldn't jump high enough and i was scared i am gonna fail the team and i seriously blame i wish if i can jump higher maybe there is more points...urrggghh!!!!
we went to mamak at first cause the comp start at about 3 and then after makan we wait for everyone to arrive we went to sunway pyramid OMG it is like so NICE!!!!shit i never been to sunway in my entire life this is the first time seriously i bet ppl will be like WTF crystal u jakum!!! Sunway pun tak pergi be4 ahahaha lols after all i used to say i live under a rock!!! (jeez reminds me of spongebob square pant's Patrick!) haha
then we just went into the parking then one phone call 'go the the comp place now' swts T___T then drive out adi didn't even get to step in haha but its ok!!!!! after all i am gonna go thr one day not sure when but one day =)
when we got thr we practice our steps and make sure we sharp up everything remember the countings and i did my walk over and put on make up n it was show time... i was seriously nervous but when i got in i just do my best i remember my jump haha when the first jump i look back at the vid i saw my legs so low! then the second one i dont think i saw my legs at least it didn't look that bad!!! >0<'' .... after the performance we all went up well we all hug each other and thank god this is over!
we went up and we took pictures i really had so much fun although i only know pojjie bard AJ boon ea chuan farishah tiff mark syafiq and the other guy omg i am so sorry i can't remember ur name but i can remember ur face!!~! =) i really feel so happy i feel like its the best time ever and i hope it lasted long enough
well when they announce the winner well we were a lil happy but disappointed cause we got number 2 but hey guess what we got 2 awards we even got the best showmanship award i guess that is pretty awesome!!!! =D
then we all EMO for awhile then go mamak makan wohooo lols haha
i reach home about 11 something bath and pack my bag about 1 something and i wake up the next day about 630 haha almost late to school but then i reach on time ;)
well i didn't felt sleepy at first but until after BM class i think i slept but everyone was so noisy i just went like "Fog u ppl let me sleep please!"
and i still need to stay back for chinese class today 8Feb2010 omg i almost died in class jeezzzz damn tired first thing i come home i bath and i slept til 7 something i was waked up by my cousin bro well he walk up the stairs n just went like hugging my bro and talking so loud i counldn't sleep adi zzz....
i miss u so much!!!! n i miss everyone ..i miss pirates ...i miss yesterday...i miss syafiq...i miss those time when i felt like i am gonna break down n cry and crush into pieces when i can't get something correct...
thanks to you guys i am stronger than ever and even if everything is wrong i would smile and laugh and make sure everything is alright =)"> src="" border="0" alt="">">MyHotComments>

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