Saturday, February 20, 2010


went to andy's house for party it was awesome i get to see reek freaking awesome!!!
hug him like crazy but didn't get to take much pics =(
but still i had fun!!!!
ch'ng ee did some funny moves like walk and wave like a girl and we went like repeating what he do and put some ADD ONS like winking and say call me!!!haha
wanted to take pic but andy forgot!!!! swts
had so much fun talking only then we all drink bailey's mint chocolate!!! WOW it was really sweet at first and the smell went up to my brain! it tasted like NAIL VARNISH REMOVER!!!yucks but still i drink 1 cup haha crazyyyyyy got headache after drinking that !
then we went outside for a walk i wanted to ride the bicycle but i don't dare to go up cause its really huge and i scare i fall off so sad!!!jeezzz i can't remember whn was the last time i ride a bicycle?! like what 4 years ago haha!!!!
went home bout 12 reach home bout 1 went and sleep got scolded by my mom...
angry at her but its my fault after all...
jeeezzz shit this post is freaking short cause the one i typed just now i didn't know why it was not publish cause of some error and i have to re-type it again and i cut out lots of part well nvm its ok =)
Friday night its time to party drop it down and get real naughty
haha Millionaires-ALCOHOL song niceeeeee ;D
sweet awesome who can ask for more ?
although i spend like less than 1 hour of time with reek , its ok because every moment with him makes all my problems disappear he will always put a smile on my face no matter what happen between us
its just so weird how he can make me laugh for no reason smile like a freak n say the wrong thing all the time trip on my words and make me really nervous i guess thats something call love ...

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