Monday, March 22, 2010

Diet-ing ♥

ok fine i admit it kay i am fat ! and chubby and i don't like it
i want to be slim like those hot girls! who would wannna be as fat like me urrgghh!
so yeah these are the things i decided to do
1. do not eat rice at night only eat vege and meat
2. drink vege + fruit juice
3. exercise everyday
4. walk if i can don't take the lift
5. don't eat junk food in school or out of school
6. quit drinking all carbonated drinks

and i actually tried blending CARROT + CELERY + APPLE + A FEW CUBES OF PAPAYA and it tasted really great and after drinking that i don't think u need to eat cause its quiet full =) so i think its good for dieting

people can't believe i am drinking this it sounds yucky but it taste nice! seriously and FYI I AM NOT TURNING INTO A RABBIT JUST CAUSE I LIKE TO DRINK THIS THING HAHA ;D

not a chance being this >>

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