Sunday, April 11, 2010

9April2010 Victor's birthday Bashhhh

its another Friday night party for my BFF Victor ;D
he is turning 16 and well we all throw a party for him at my place
it was seriously a bad start cause after cheer practice it was raining so heavily and its like slightly flooding the place up...we really tot the rain is going to make us call off the party but thank god it stopped!WEEEE *cheers*
Hard to make ppl visit my blog if its full of words! so i decided to put pictures ;D

I mean what is the point of a Party whn thr is no water!!!! haha Water makes ppl come together =D
After the party we all went up to my house so we took some pictures ;D


Everywhr we go i take a pictures of us just to remind us that we made it this far and its worth everything =)

Young love ,
so young yet so true ,
so crazy and so amazed ,
by everything you do and say.

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