Saturday, April 17, 2010

friday night another crazy PARTEHH!!!

Friday night 16April
it was consider a sad day cause of what happen on thursday n i went to school i talk to her bout it and i was ok with her cause that is not call BACKSTABBING!
and everyone else AGREED too and i was ok with her as usual back to normal.
but one problem... i argued with my boyfiee and i amd sad n mad at him for talking to me like that and hurting my feelings but the worst thing is that he is mad at me and he don't want to talk to me i think
i was thinking the whole day what to do and what is going to happen next.
i was really sick and tired and i have cheer practice i didn't even have time to eat lunch then i went for cheer was the only time i release all my stress out dancing and i had fun...

for a min i forget about the problems then when everything finish i went home i saw 7miss calls from Reek and messages and i just replied him then i look at joie's msg only i remember SNAP!!! Daphne's party is today i quickly called up and ask what time it starts and whr is it...
and i went to the party last minute and i talk to reek we both were okay again i told him i never backstab her so he just went like ok with me
i had serious shit FUN!!!!
white wine red wine beer champagne good food awesome place and it was a freaking crazy party!!! love it and i swear it was the first time i drank so much til i feel a lil tipsy! =P haha
but i wasn't drunk just a lil dizzy and sleepy ahahaha
and i feel headache! damnnn so conclusion drinking too much ain't good! once in a while i guess its ok haha ;D

i love you my baby boy!
i love the way u hug me n kiss me ;D

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