Sunday, May 2, 2010

S.O.X 1May2010 at Taylor's College

1May2010 the S.o.X drum line and cheer comp is held at Taylor's College
obviously i went thr!!!!
WEEEE it was freaginee awesomeeee love the performance it was great everyone gave their 101% ALL OUT =)
great job PIRATES
it was a blast the crowd went WILD!

after the comp i went to pavilion with my friends and bf =) we plan to watch movie and have lunch.
we ate at WONG KOK then we go to the cinema oh mah GOD the whole cinema was PACKED with people dying to watch IRON MAN 2 ! we line up for almost an hour to get tickets.we didn't get to watch WHEN IN ROME and the others were almost fully booked so we went and watch CYCLE OF LOVE it was a normal boring suddenly weird and sad movie! my advise if u don't have a packet of tissue in ur hand don't go in and watch its really sad and stupid .
after that we went to LOW YAT japanese restaurant to eat yummyy ZanMai sushi dont know how to spell the name but its really niceeee!!!
then me n my family went to sing k !!! it was awesome we were all jumping around dancing and drinking haha i drank 2 bottle of beer and after that i can't walk straight and i feel like i am going to fall down on my face lols! =D it was awesome party til 2a.m in the morning! then went home drop dead and sleep!!! WEEE
and how i wish this day last forever cause i can't see u for a long time buuhuuuuhuuu sad =(

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