Friday, January 7, 2011

Beauty ♥

What is beauty? How do you define beauty as??
Does beauty means heavy make up

Does it mean having all the Expensive high end fashion makes you more attractive?

What about having all the branded goods you can have in this world to make you look expensive does that make you beautiful?

What about being SKINNY and TALL does that make you more attractive?

To me , i have always thought that being skinny and tall is beauty .
If you were born with a drop dead gorgeous face you are attractive.i am always not happy with the way i look . I look in the mirror , i always feel sad i was always the victim people pick on me bully me call me names call me fat until the extend that i feel so hurt i feel so moody and sad . Those words that came out from peoples mouth are like spades killing you in the heart although they didn't really mean it but to me those word totally killed my self-esteem ...
I always wish that i am taller and i am prettier ...
But today i finally learn that deep down , beauty its actually whats inside your heart your personality ... If you are beautiful but you don't respect others , you are nothing but an ordinary girl but if you have a heart of gold and you love to help others you are more attractive than any pretty girls out there.
Wipe your heavy make up away take off that hair extension of yours take off your high end designer clothes your fake lashes and your contact lenses and look into the mirror again...
Show people what is deep down inside your heart that is beauty.
Beauty is when you open up to someone you really trust and didn't have to pretend to be who you are not. Beauty is that sparks you give others in life
You are beautiful in your own ways and if people try to bring you down just smile and say i love myself cause i am beautiful and if you don't like me being beautiful just walk away.

i'm just saying how i feel and i hope you feel the same way like me =)

-Signing out-
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