Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Crushing down by Crystalbebe

Am I falling or am i dreaming

because i've always been wishing

one day you would look around and wonder

What has gone missing

In this journey i walk alone

i stand on the edge and scream to myself

how and why did i end up like this

wanted some help but no one to tell

maybe i'm just wishing for too much

because i don't realise that it is all too tough

to walk this road again and alone.

-Written by Crystalbebe 12:01pm 27/1/2011-
look into my eyes what do you see?

someone that is funny someone that is strong

someone that you can always talk to

someone that acts like one of your brothers?

someone that is too rude?

someone that talks without thinking?

or someone that truely loves you...

i can't look at you in the eyes don't know why

Keri Hilson -blind

Picked up the phone and hit speed dial
Went straight to your voicemail
Now I'm looking closer to know what I see
Because my man wouldn't be caught dead with nobody else but me
But what gave it all away was your smile
The same one that picked me up
Got me breaking down
-signing out-
0 Crystalbebe 0
see things my way and you will know how i feel the pain and confussion i just feel like sleeping and running away from it =') can i ? *laughs*

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