Sunday, January 30, 2011


behind every pair of eyes
behind every drop of tears
behind all the make up
behind all the smiles
behind all the laughter
behind all those action
you try to hide from people
the person you love left you , you beg them please don't go and come back but they didn't look around you fake a smile in front of the crowd and act like you don't care but behind close curtains and doors you sat at the corner and ask why and started to cry..
you face a problem and you don't want anyone to know because if they know , they will question you and probably think that you are wrong , you fake a smile on your face and still you runaway from your problems
you are in pain but you don't want anyone to worry about you , you just put a little smile on your face and follow the crowd but the pain in your soul is slowly killing you inside you hide from everyone and slowly die inside bit by bit and part by part you are disappearing

Sometimes you don't realize what you have and you just keep asking for more
and when its gone you feel sad and you regret why you never took care of it properly before... and when everything is too late you just cry and blame hit flat on the ground you get yourself hurt
there is always sunshine after the rain and pain
you tend to build up the strength in you and you stand back up and fight for what you love and what you want.
So before everything is too late and before you can't rewind back the tapes cherish everything you have and people around you show them that you love them and if you are once that stupid doofus that don't know how to express how you feel , write it on a paper and send it to the person you love before they are gone because you won't want to regret after everything is too late.

-signing out-
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