Saturday, February 5, 2011


What if that day you choose to stay that day?
things would probably not be the same
we probably wouldn't meet the people we know today
What if we have a chance that day to change everything
we probably wouldn't have to be in the different side of the world...
we are here you are there?
What if? so many what if?
i still remember last year when you came back i didn't really cared and shit and when you leave i didn't really mind
but this year when you came back and we all spent time together
all the memories running up and down holding our hands up high
going crazy screaming yelling at each other
taking pictures dancing and having slumber parties
all the joy and happiness just felt like its crushed into pieces when you have to leave again...
i know this sound dramatic but its hard for me to accept it that you have to leave us again i mean we just started the party and its the end already...
how time flies when you are really with the person you love
all we have now is a picture of you and all you have is a picture of us
all the good times just made it harder to say goodbye again.
how i wish time can stop and how i wish that day you say you'd stay.

people always leave and you will always be sad but the thing is that you have to know who is worth all the pain and who is not.
And the only way to get through it is to stay strong and stand up again because you know that your best friend forever will be disappointed if you crash down into pieces and just die inside.

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