Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dancing is a Passion

The moment you set your inner self free show who you are through all your moves
Anger , Seductive-ness , Elegance , Sadness , Devil , Sexy , Naughty , Cute and the Wild side of you

Every movement shows how you feel and every dance has a story behind it and Dancing is a very good way to express yourself because you don't have to speak out people will understand your body language...

Some dance for fun , some dance because it is what they love and live for ... Dancing to the beat , Dancing all out...
Different dance shows different feelings and expressions
Have you ever feel like dancing when the lights are out and the music is turned on to the max... you feel like there is an electric shock going through your veins and arteries that makes your body move to the beat...
Its that moment you feel like you are set free from your cage...
All the worries immediately disappear and the only thing in your mind is FUN and your love towards dancing keeps building up higher and higher =)

Its just like the first time you get your ballet shoes you fall in love with it and you dance with it for the whole day and the feeling of love towards it will never fade or die half way

That is someone that is passionate in dancing and will do anything to chase their dreams to show the world who they are inside ♥

-signing out-
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