Friday, February 25, 2011

DEV-BASS DOWN LOW and Tips to be the center of attention


Probably you have seen her before in the FAR EAST MOVEMENT - LIKE A G6 Music Video singing??!!! Well Guys she is back and probably gonna be the next hottest singer.
She released a new song DEV - Bass Down Low (Explicit) ft. The Cataracs Never heard of it?!! Well you should its a very catchy song although the lyrics are just repeating and most rapping but its a very nice song. Every time the song plays on the radio or on my computer it just makes me feat and body move ;)
She got another rocking song name
Dev - Booty Bounce
with a touch of LIKE A G6 in it makes it even more rocking then ever.

This is the type of song you would want in a club

Very shocking and catchy lyrics makes the life of the club goes on and on

Having a problem with what to wear , what type of hairstyle , What type of make up
Whether you are in school , in a mall , in tuition class or in a club you always want to be the center of attention.
A little shiny lip gloss and a sexy hairstyle takes you a long way =)
But girls always remember not to overdo it!!!! don't put too much make up cause it will make you look like you just use some CORN FLOUR to powder your face Or look like you just use some MARKER PEN to colour your eye lids
We do not want to see that!Thats for some Dramatic movies but not what you want to put on your eyes when you go out with a bunch of friends to have fun and hang out.

Just some light make up will do you don't need to cover your flaws you just want to make yourself look better like this =) Simple Sexy and a hint of mystery and innocence
1.First apply some compact powder on your face before applying any type of make up. For This Look , apply some Light Brown Eye Shadow ( Any Type of Eye Shadow will do ) on your eye lids gently
2. Apply a darker brown on the base of your eye lids to make you eyes look like they have 2 shades of colour ( Makes your eyes look larger too)
3. Gently smear the light brown and dark brown shadows to make sure it mix together * YOU CAN ADD SOME GLITTER AT THE CORNERS OF YOUR EYE LIDS* if you want to =)
4. Well if you want to make your eyes look even better apply some eye linear just a little thin eye linear layer not too thick!
5.Curl your eye lashes and apply some Volume Mascara
6. Apply some warm colour blusher on your cheek bones
7. Use lip Balm before putting on lipsticks or lip gloss cause it adds moisture on your lips so it wouldn't look that dry!
*BAMMMBBB * you will have a similar look like that =) Its just some easy steps to put make up no big deal!

well you can always wear something VINTAGE like a polka dot knee length dress
Obviously it can be any other type of dress as long as its Fresh Vibrant and give you that touch of Lively colours it will be fine!

Or you can go SEXY by wearing something like this

well there are always plenty other dresses out there that is drop dead gorgeous
i will keep you updated the next round
its time for me to sign off now
-Signing out-
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