Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am pretty , smart , awesome , lovely and gorgeous

Well today its another day of school a rather hectic one i would say!
Monitor went for competition so i am the only person controlling the whole class well as usual i can't manage all of them so i just let them run free and wild!
but at least there is something intriguing about school today!
A guy name Avinash from Taylor's college came to our school to give us a motivational talk
When we heard about the news we all went like "GOSH!!!! NOT ANOTHER BORING MOTIVATIONAL TALK!!!GOSHH!!!!! "
We picture the presenter as this Middle-age UNCLE , probably with wrinkles and obviously not handsome at all!!! But when we enter the hall our necks turn and our jaws just drop
GOSH! WHO IS THAT CUTE LOOKING GUY !!!! =P we thought he was one of the helper but then he is the presenter we went like OMG!!!!! So CUTE!!!! =)
he started the talk with some games it was a really wise idea because he made the whole atmosphere change from *DULL SLEEPY TIRED AND BORING* to *Exciting! Fun ! Funny *
he really motivated me =)he told us if you really want something you will get it
don't say that you can't! if you say you can't , you can't if you say you can , you can!
that's why from today onwards i won't degrade myself anymore i am not stupid! i am smart! i am not fat, i am just the right size. I am pretty =) and i love it!

i won't tell you how i feel
because i like it this way
the distance make everything a mystery
that's why you make my world turn up side down
It's so intriguing and i wanna know more about you
you got me wondering how far i can run and how deep i can fall for you ♥

♥♥you might be pretty , hot and popular but i am fantastic and beautiful in my own ways ♥♥
Spread your wings and let yourself go and see how far you can reach to achieve your goals -Crystal quotes 2March2011

-signing out-
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i am awesome♥

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