Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today morning , its a gloomy day as it is raining like cats and dogs i didn't really feel like going to school but i have no choice but to attend class.

I went to school and had MCD Hot Cakes during recess time ;)

Before recess time , something happen . I went into class and saw one of the girls in my class name "X" looking pale and tears are rolling down her cheek. I ask X's friend what happen to her , she told me that X got possessed /Disturbed by That "THING" and he/she/it wouldn't leave her alone . Her friend even told me that a few other people living at the school hostel also got disturbed/possessed by that "thing" .

I ask her why so many people got possessed / disturbed? She told me that if one person get possessed and the other people start feeling scared , that "Thing" will have fun possessing one person after another . The more afraid you get , the more it/he/she will follow you.
People that get possessed will probably be abnormally stronger than they use to be , some will just stare at the blank place without moving , some will scream and yell , some start throwing things and so on... When you try to stop it , they will struggle and some will speak out with a very deep voice that is not that person's voice! When you believe in God , then you have to believe that there is some other kind of living person in this world that we can't see and it's just a step away from it...
The most common place for things like this to happen is probably the school , Hospital , cemetary and very old buildings.

To be honest writing this post really makes me feel a little scared @___@
but still i want to blog about it oh GOSH!!! =3= but at least now people know that its really true things like this do happen sometimes around people you know. Okay Searching for GHOST pictures are not good i feel even more scared now and i think i need to think about angels they are so sweet and kind hearted ;) Yeah it might make me feel better -signing out- 0 Crystalbebe 0 State:Terrified and scared , Hairs on the end of my skin is standing up! NOOOOXXX

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