Sunday, March 27, 2011


Firstly i want to say sorry for not updating my blog for a long time! but now i am BACK! =) Fresh new Muaaaa

Well Everyone has their own IDOL
We all hope to one day be like them and what they do is a motivation to us that's probably the main reason why we admire them a lot and just can't get enough of their life story.
My idol is Kimora Lee Simmons she just portrays this sexy , confidence , successful and funny woman that i think almost everyone wants to be!She has her own fashion line BABY PHAT , KLS and Kouture

Kouture by Kimora is for young , Fun Teenagers =) Her works are just so amazing !

i want to be like her i want to walk like her , talk like her better yet be like her!she really gives me an idea of what i want , what are my interest ...
I started watching Kimora Lee Simmons:Life on the fab lane on channel 712 Astro i guess on 2010 and i am still watching it now =)
i can't help it she really gave me an idea on what i wanna do i like to be the one that stands out , i never really enjoy boring works *Not that its not good its just that people all have their own interests* i love going around different places probably arranging events !
after i watch that show , i started to realize what are my dreams i want to be a successful business woman. i have this vision of my own cafe that's very classy , elegant yet affordable by everyone!a place people can enjoy time together sit down in a nice environment and just hang out

and also a vision of creating my own fashion line ...

i like the feeling of being bossy in a good way , walking down the street with people following you , jumping from meetings to meetings and Blackberry ringing!

i guess that's one thing i need to work hard to get.
But if people can do it , so can we! We are all equal and we all need to work hard to get what we want and that's a process of life.
If we get to relax and just follow what god has gave us , life is going to be so boring because you are always following the *LAWS* ! Think out of the box try something new be someone you always wanted to be!Set yourself Free and just try to grab the STARS above you even if it seems impossible

People always tell you , that your dreams are too unrealistic and they try to bring you down in every way but you just gotta wipe all those bad comments and tell yourself you can do it! You just have to be more ambitious and you will get what you want.

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Hope you like my post =)

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