Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big Dreams Big Apple

Somehow i feel that you know about it and you are running away from me... its all fading away every step you take away from me hurts me even more and makes me wanna leave everything behind and just run away
i talk to my dance teacher today she told me she has been staying at New York City for 10years and she got her degree in some engineering field or something like that...
to much disbelieve she actually told me that the living cost there is cheap you can actually afford to drive a BMW 5 series there because the pay is high.

and New York City is a City of Arts , people usually go there to chase their dreams in performing arts...

people there have a passion for dancing , signing , acting and so on..
its just so amazing that my dance teacher works early in the morning sending newspaper then go attend classes.She told me most of the people work there even students have a job and you are free to work anywhere , food there is cheap , clothes are cheap well obviously some are very high-end , the cars are cheap but the rental are a little expensive because it depends on the economy . If the economy is good the rental will increase if its not then it will be affordable.

That means all these time our thinking is wrong , when we talk about NYC people's jaw drop and go like "OMG!!!!SO EXPENSIVEEEEEE"
This has got me thinking Hey maybe i should really further my studies there get my degree there at the same time learn different dances since i love dancing so much why not!
After all i don't wanna regret when i am older and blame myself why didn't i chase my dreams! why did i study something that is GLAMOROUS but i don't like it at all!
i don't wanna waste my time on something that i don't like because if i don't like it , even if i get my degree i am not going to work in that particular field or whatever you would like to put it as.
So Conclusion!!! CHASE YOUR DREAMS! don't let money control you , don't work as a slave for money because you only get to live once do something that you are passionate in and you will succeed in life
of course i can't count the chickens before it hatch i need to get enough money to send myself there =) Well!!! i guess i will dream big and get what i want!!!
i am determined to do that and i certainly do feel better after exploding how i feel out

-signing out-
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