Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Laughing at nothing ♥

i am determine to make you mine and change myself for the better;at the same time change you if i could♥
ever stare at your phone and just start laughing and smiling for no reason ♥
you just can't stop smiling when that person say something funny or silly
Your Friends will look at you and say goshh why am i going out with a weirdo that keeps laughing at her phone!!!
and you will just say :" i can't help it!!"
it makes you feel happy if that person replies your text even if its only a two word text you will feel super duper happy and tipsy turby @__@

Today i went out with Nicholasssssss ;)
we went to pavillion done a little shopping and we ate chocolate fondue Yummmssssss

Thank you Nickayyy for belanjar-ing me this awesome desert!!! i really love it but its super fattening!! i am quitting ice creams and sweet stuff for now until i lose all my fats!
then we walk to KLCC for Tepanyaki XD
after that we went to kinokunia and i saw all these cute Japanese books OMGoshhh i just want to buy it all if i have that kind of money!!!! =)

then went to topshop to buy clothes gosh i realize that i am really fat i can't get anything or pull of anything nicely !!! i need to exercise and go on a tight diet!!!! =) *Turns over a new leaf*
PS: TOPSHOP launch their cosmetic line and their counter is at KLCC TOPSHOP stall already!! Go check it out! =)

well i guess thats all for now
-signing out-
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