Thursday, March 31, 2011

Food that are too hard to resists

Some people live to eat while some eat to live either way , everyone LOVE GOOD FOOD! The moment you walk into a restaurant you just feel like ordering all the food on the menu but what is good and what is not no one really know. I am not really a die hard fan of food but still i can't stand a day without eating good food. Really stress out about where to eat??Well here are some guides to a delicious feast =) China Town , Petaling street Hon Kee 汉记靓粥 very famous for their porridge.

They serve fish porridge , century egg porridge and a whole load more of other variety!

It is directly opposite HONG LEONG BANK at Petaling Street =)

Next Stop Beef noodles! Still at Petaling street but only in the evening at Petaling street they have a shop nearby too =) i prefer the dry beef noodles it has more flavour than the beef noodles with soup! but still its AWESOME very delicious.

For those that love Sweet potato and wants to try something different! you should try the Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls its crispy , tasty and not that oily as it looks like. It only cost around RM2 for 10 pieces!

Well lets get on to WANTAN Noodles! =) Koon Kee is famous for their WANTAN noodles its tasty and flavourful

That's all for Petaling Street for now =) Will Keep you updated with the tastiest food you have ever tasted! It's a must try for everyone if you happen to go there =)

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