Friday, March 4, 2011

Love that was so close but yet so far away

Sometimes you wish you can last forever with your other half
but just when everything is so loving , you start getting all these small fights over stupid stuff that you can solve but you just made a big fuss out of it
probably thats an obstacle from CUPID to see how far you can handle things together
Those that made is pass the test , end up together forever .
Those that didn't pass the test probably end up being in two different world
not understanding or knowing how the other person is feeling.
Separation was already knocking on your door.The thing that made Goodbye so difficult is because of the memories you share together and you ask youself " Will i REGRET?in the near future for letting him/her go??"

Some like me are probably waiting for that guy to turn around and say
"GOSH! i didn't even know you were there where'd you go?"
staring and looking in the sky always bulding castles in the air
talking to ourself saying "How good is it if we were together , we would be happy together , we would do so many things together and live forever =)"
We want to express how we feel but everytime when we look at him we just take a mirror and look at ourself and we start questioning "WHAT IF he don't like me?!! What if i tell him how i feel and he thinks that i'm a freak and just won't ever talk to me again"

We probably keep how we feel in our heart forever and just tell ourself nevermind better luck next time i guess. Always guessing about how that person feel towards us.
its one of the worst thing GUESSING!! and GETTING OPINIONS from your FRIENDS! cause half of them will say :"Don't worry he will love you back!"
While the others will say :"I don't want to build up your hope or break your heart but i don't think there is much chance"
SO which one will you rather listen to a perfect white lie or the ugly truth?

GOsh i really don't know i am probably the suckiest person in love problems!

-signing out-

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