Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stress out much??

feeling all tired when you wake up in the morning,first phrase i say when i wake up :" DAMN!!!! another day of tuition " besides waiting for my phone to vibrate and say You Have One Text Message ;)

i feel all so tired
my skin is dry , i am always having a bad hair day , my eyes are tired people always look at me and say :" Whats wrong? you look so sad and tired "
things i just wish i can do now =)
-Go to the beach wear a bikini and drink margarita without even worrying about people pointing fingers and go like * EWWWWWW PUT ON YOUR CLOTHES LADY YOU LOOK FAT!*

-drinking a cup of coffee in a beautiful and quiet cafe

-just lay on a bed of flowers
-have a strawberry cake

-look at you for the whole day
-riding a bicycle on a big field

well so many things i wanted to do but i never get a chance to do it goshh..
sometimes life is just so good and bad at the same time..
many times i just ask myself what if i met him earlier i bet i am gonna be with him now
but i guess not everything turns out the way you want it to be
i guess you can't =)
and i just love it when you care about me although i know you won't like me...
i am just so addicted to you and if i can i would read all the text again and again
how i wish i can knock you out and make you fall asleep then tell you how i feel at least you can't answer or talk back and i can feel better after telling you how i feel
-Signing out-
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