Saturday, March 12, 2011

emotional? was i ?

What has gotten into my mind these days i just can't stop thinking about it.
it really bothers me a lot when i feel that he is not interested in me...
but i really just want to be someone special in his life but i guess i don't stand a chance =)
well i still have to live my life rite! and i still have to face it and just accept the fact that even if i told him how i feel the answer is already written on his face that he probably doesn't like me.
People always tell me its too early to judge but i just wish i got something to believe in and something to prove that its not too early to judge

i just want some hope from you just a single hope will be alright i will be fine with it.just some love and care from you its enough i don't need you to love me back , i just want to stand here and just look from here and not go closer to you.
because the more i get closer to you , the more i fall for you and the harder it is for me to let go

i thought i was a great liar but i guess everything that is in my mind now was portrayed on my face.i didn't want anyone to know so i just put a smile on my face but deep inside my brain is cracking my heart is breaking into pieces and all my tears are controlling itself from flowing down my cheek.why am i so addicted to you...why am i even chasing something that doesn't turn around and look, why am i actually hoping that you would love me back even when i know you won't...why am i putting myself in a situation that i can't even handle

i am just hoping for the unexpected to happen. i will wait , i will continue loving you , i will continue locking it in my heart until the day i get the courage to tell you how i feel.
i will hold your hand in the dark and i will stay right here when you need me ...
i keep thinking of you , and i hope you think about me too.

-signing out-
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