Friday, February 18, 2011


What do you think about Tattoos?
Let me see First thought that flies pass your eyes is GANGSTER!
probably Drug Dealer? or some weirdo!
Or some high school drop outs
some Wild and Crazy teenagers?
But thats not what i think.Tattoo is an art and different people look at it differently rite =) For me people tattoo because they want people to know about their life long story or something meaningful that happen to them.
Some got a tattoo just to remind themself what mistake they did and sworn to not make the same mistakes

To others the tattoo might not mean anything but to the owner itself it means more than anything in the world.

And if i ever get to have one i want to make sure that it tells a story with just a word =) don't guess it won't be LOVE! it will be something else!!! But thats only if i can get one! chances are 0.001% =) so i will just probably stick with Air Brush Tattoo =)

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